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High achieving Students from three affiliated high schools; Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton Ohio, theDayton Early College Academy, also in Dayton, and the Colegio San Jose High School, a Marianist High school in San Juan, Puerto Rico, can attend the University of Dayton through the Flyer Promise Program. The program started in 2018 by welcoming 42 students in the initial cohort. In the second year, program will reach out to eligible students from other Marianist high schools such as Moeller, and Purcell Marian in Cincinnati.

“The Flyer Promise scholars really enrich our campus through their leadership, determination, service and Catholic, Marianist values,” said Donnell Wiggins, Assistant Vice President, New Markets for Admissions in Enrollment Management, who oversees the program.  “The students say this program has changed their lives by removing the financial barriers to a high-quality, four-year education. And they elevate the University by calling on us to be champions for the common good.” Flyer Promise students show a strong work ethic and resilience.  For example, one student, who is a first-generation college student, was offered a coop with GE for their sophomore year. Another grew up with their grandma, and has done very well in the School of Business, and is now ambassador for the program.

The program came out of Dr. Eric Spina’s call for the University of Dayton to be a university For the Common Good. As Dr. Spina states: “Our Catholic, Marianist values and our faith in our ability to work together to shape a more just future call us to lead in service to the common good.” Donnell said that he appreciates the university leadership for the commitment to create and develop a program like this. It provides access in a unique way. “We need a program that creates and embodies who we are as a Marianist university, specifically through inclusion, diversity, and access.” He encourages other universities to look at ways to change the status quo, and bring students from all backgrounds together.

Flyer Promise scholars receive significant university- and donor-funded scholarship and grant assistance, a $4,000 textbook scholarship, and access to study abroad opportunities at no extra cost. The program also offers a range of academic enrichment, mentoring and leadership opportunities.

“This program is an important part of the University’s commitment to affordability and accessibility,” said Jason Reinoehl, vice president for strategic enrollment management. “It also aligns with our vision to create a more diverse and inclusive campus and our mission as a Marianist, Catholic university to build a community of servant leaders.” Recently University of Dayton alumnus William Tweed and his wife, Jan, donated $1.5 million to endow a Flyer Promise scholarship.


This inspiring video shows how the Flyers Promise program is helping to realize dreams: