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I began my presidency at Chaminade University of Honolulu August 1and would like to share with you some of what I have learned about Chaminade since I arrived. A love of learning, a longing for discovery, a commitment to pursuing truth and making the world a better place are the underpinnings of a great university. This is Chaminade. We are a community of warm, passionate, dedicated, hopeful, proud, pragmatic, imaginative, attentive, supportive, enthusiastic and mission-focused people.

For a relatively young university, we are immensely proud of our roots and humble beginnings. We are resilient – enduring and growing through times of turmoil, threat and challenge. And we have an extraordinary capacity for renewal, reinventing ourselves and leaning in to hurricane-like forces that reshape our landscape.

At Chaminade, we are driven by a deep commitment to reach new heights. I would like to share with you what I see as our greatest aspirations: defining visions for our future. We at Chaminade University aspire to be:

  1. The excellent, relevant university;  
  2. The innovative university;
  3. and The university that contributes to the betterment of society.

Chaminade, as a Marianist, Catholic, Native Hawaiian-serving university, focuses on educating students in the Catholic intellectual tradition – a holistic education built on a strong liberal arts background. We educate broad thinkers who have developed and practiced critical reasoning; are team ready as a result of the collaborative, interdisciplinary learning they experience; are excellent communicators; and are able to approach problem solving not only from multiple perspectives, but from an ethical frame. Our graduates make a difference in the world – they are involved and give back to their communities.

We have much to be proud of in our academic programs and student outcomes. Our faculty are respected scholars and leaders in their disciplines and our student outcomes are excellent. We are committed to staying focused on academic excellence.

The Relevant University
Chaminade has been driven by the dual commitment to excellence and relevance, pursuing the highest academic standards while also serving our local and global communities. Universities are seen by many as the source of new knowledge – the societal change agents that can be catalysts for breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Today at Chaminade, we remain confident that our graduates have the skills, knowledge and adaptability to be future leaders and contribute to a just society.

The Innovative University
Educational innovation represents another exciting frontier for universities. Our students relentlessly pursue pedagogical excellence and energize our campus. Innovation is part of our DNA as a Marianist university. One of the differentiating characteristics of a Marianist education is educating students for adaptation and change. In today’s ever-evolving world, the jobs our graduates will have five years from now don’t even exist. But as lifelong learners, they will easily adapt to new situations. Chaminade is not only a relevant university but an important contributor to the education of the workforce in Hawaii and the Pacific Region. We have developed strong partnerships in the community, bolstering our identity and reputation, developing a diversified workforce and contributing to our community.

We are developing new academic programs and reshaping longstanding degree offerings to better meet the needs of our students. The new ideas coming forth are varied in numerous ways, including process reengineering, technology initiatives, graduate education, certificates and other programs envisioned as possibilities. Chaminade’s size and nimbleness are distinct advantages as we incubate ideas and test creative initiatives. We cannot be afraid of embracing the unknown and taking on risk. Some of these ventures will be wildly successful and some abject failures, but we can learn from each experience.

The University that Contributes to the Betterment of Society
Educating in the family spirit – another characteristic of a Marianist education – fits in beautifully with Hawaii’s o`hana culture. Chaminade has a long and proud tradition of being partners in providing educational opportunities for Native Hawaiians. Our undergraduate curriculum has a strong focus on culture, values and traditions. And our highly diverse student body is not only enriched through this curriculum, but develops the skills to be tomorrow’s leaders in a diverse, global society.

Higher education with a higher purpose is the life led here at Chaminade. Our faculty and students are involved in not only community service but service learning – opportunities to engage with and give back to the community as part of their course work. Educating for formation in faith is critical to our mission and allows us to walk the journey of spiritual awakening with students of all faith traditions. The Chaminade community is passionate, hopeful, proud, pragmatic and intensely focused on our Marianist, Catholic mission.